The Power of Prayer


*Prayer is a powerful thing. With life being so hectic and consuming, it feels like there is not always time to pray. Life get in the way, work keeps you busy, and family demands attention. That being said, in times like these it is important to pray; God will wait for you to open up your heart to Him during prayer, but He also knows that when life demands more attention than your faith, that is when you need prayer the most. Learning how to incorporate prayer into your everyday life can be difficult, but with God on your side, you can be comforted knowing He is there for you anytime of the day.



More than Words

Prayer is more than reciting prayers and asking for forgiveness or love. Prayer is what connects a person to God, helps them stay in accord. With prayer, you can do more than recite words. Prayer is a time to thank God for your family, your life, and everything around you. God listens, but when you pray, you need to listen too. God will speak to you in your heart, and give you the strength and motivation you need every day. The power of prayer is incredible, which is why it is so important to pray every day. Without prayer, you might feel lost or overwhelmed; God can show you the path to true happiness.

Prayer Lights the Way

Sometimes, it might feel like your responsibilities are the only thing you can focus on and that there is no time to set aside for prayer, which is simply not true. If you cannot find time to be alone and listen to God, give thanks to Him throughout the day. As you send your children off to school, drive to work, and spend time with your family at night, thank Him for the opportunities you have been given. Without Him, you would be lost. Even if it feels like you are alone, even with all of your family and friends around, do not worry because God is always listening.

Looking for a Sign

Many people do not see the power of prayer and will stop talking to God. Some try to pray and feel like there is no one listening to them so they ask for a sign. Signs from God can manifest in many different ways. Perhaps you are having trouble falling asleep or cannot concentrate at work; this might be God trying to get to know you better, especially if you have begun to replace prayer with other tasks.

Your life is most in balance when you make time for prayer, so if you are feeling overwhelmed or sad, use that time to stop what you are doing and ask God for guidance. His love will calm you and prayer will give you a sign that He is always there for you.

Prayer helps every one differently, so find a special place to pray and make sure you talk to God every day. Make your prayers like a conversation with God; He is someone you should know intimately, so be honest, and open about what is going on in your life. Listen to His answers to your questions and concerns, and follow His lead in accepting all difficult situations. With the power of prayer, you can be more like God and strengthen your faith.

Recently it came to my attention that I’ve always prayed very vaguely to God. I have started to be very specific, talk to God and be quiet and listen. Last week, I did some heavy praying and asked for a sign. After waking up to take out the dogs and falling back asleep, the sign I was searching for was delivered in my dreams. I hope this encourages you to pray big, pray specific, give thanks, and let Him lead your life!

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