It Works Loyal Customer Program

Once you become an It Works Loyal Customer from using their revolutionary Skinny Wraps, there are many benefits and perks to enjoy. Once you try the Skinny Wraps you’ll be hooked at how great they work for fitness and weight loss.
They target the most stubborn areas of fat around the body. Use them on your hips, thigh, waist, and even your buttocks.

Have some excess fat around the chin area?
Then trim a wrap down to use on that area as well. The results are nothing less than extraordinary. Plus when used in combination with a healthy lifestyle of eating right, and moderate exercise you’ll become a Skinny Wrap devotee for life! The It Works Loyal Customer program is ready to reward your loyalty to us, by doing something very special for you.

How Does the It Works Loyal Customer Program Work?

Once you sign up as an It Works Loyal Customer, place an order consistently for three months then you’ll be eligible for the same wholesale price that we give all our distributors.

We value your business so much that we are willing to give you this great discount, because we know what saving a few bucks can mean in your life in the long run.

Savings is appreciated in anything you buy, and we at It Works Global are more than happy to see you save on all your Skinny Wraps.

Plus you’ll save on all the accessory products such as the Defining Gel, and skin care.

It Works Loyal Customer

Even More Benefits as an It Works Loyal Customer

It doesn’t just stop with the wholesale pricing either. When you are an It Works Loyal Customer for life then you’ll receive these additional benefits.

  • Complimentary Shipping Within The United States On Orders above $125.
  • Wholesale Pricing From The Very Start Of Your Purchasing.
  • Perk Points (10% for additional orders).
  • Free Regular Shipping On Automatic Orders After Your Third Order.
  • Web Access To Your Account For Simple Ordering.
  • Complimentary Membership To Fit Works Community For Extra Support.
  • 30 Days Free To Refer New Customers.
  • Ability To Get Free Products.

 The best part is that once you have signed on with us for three months in a row, then we know you are a loyal customer for life. You can even stop your orders for awhile, resume anytime, and still get the wholesale prices. It’s that easy to benefit from getting into better shape, having a healthier lifestyle, and making the choice to utilize the Skinny Success Wrap system to its fullest potential.

Three Great Packages To Try Out

We are more then happy to help you decide which program is right for you to start on. Then once you try all these great It Works items then you’ll be pleased with the results you see all over your body. Becoming an It Works Loyal Customer is truly the best way to see the savings add up in your pocket. Then you’ll be able to look in the mirror to see how your body with change over time with the Skinny Success Wraps program. You’ll look and feel the absolute best you can feel with all the tools we give you to be the best possible version of yourself.

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