It Works Distributors: Tiffany and Cody

It Works Distributors: Tiffany and Cody

Our journey began by following the American recipe for success. You know….go to college, get your degree, rack up insane debt & poof you are a success!!! Right? Not always!

We were soon both lacking passion in our fields and knew there had to be more. We both had an entrepreneurial spirit that our 9 to 5’s did not fulfill. Insert career change! Cody went into Real Estate which was a nice income, but had long hours and was at the mercy of his clients schedules. I entered the Cosmetology field and followed my passions for helping others. While fulfilling, it only took a couple years to max out my income with nowhere else to go.

When the Real Estate crash came it hit us hard! We were looking for answers and praying for guidance during this rough time. First we found Dave Ramsey and applied his principles to our finances. Second, It Works Global came into our lives. Honestly when I first saw this product at an Expo did not see the whole picture of how this could impact our lives.

I am a girl, with problem areas and I saw this as an affordable solution, pretty simple! I tried 1 wrap at the Expo and could see and feel the results, how exciting! I initially knew a few people who would want to try this unique product. Once I was able to complete a full treatment on myself (4 wraps) I was ecstatic at the results, others were noticing & I felt amazing! I believe in a healthy lifestyle including diet & exercise but always struggled with those last few pounds…lets face it, we are all human. This little wrap added to my lifestyle gave me the results I was always after.

So with this excitement only 3 months into this business I was able to become a Diamond level with It Works global which make an average monthly income of $1,900. As a side business, I was blown away.

More than that I was shocked how well a shy, non-salestype person could do in this business.

I know with all my heart that passion & belief is how I build this business every day. I never have to “sell” anyone! I love that! Anyone can do this.

We attended our first conference 6 months in. There we met the founders, product formulators & saw the vision for this company as well as the Big picture for ourselves. We decided at Conference in January 2012 that this would be our vehicle to pay off over $120,000 in debt including school loans, cars, and credit cards. In 1 short year with It Works Global we promoted to Presidential Diamond and paid off all of our debt! What a blessing!

I now work this business full time with Cody & love every minute of it! We travel together, work together, brainstorm, & pour into our teams lives! Once you find true freedom, freedom from debt and freedom of your time you will never go back! We have both found our passions through this business. Helping others improve their health & increase their wealth is so rewarding.

If you have been searching, praying, and looking for answers like we were…this is it! You found me for a reason…I truly believe that! We have a passion for the products, adore and respect the Company, and have made the best friends in our journey. We are not stopping and would love to have you join us! Whether you are looking to improve your health, wealth, or both! We can not wait to partner with you & guide you to success, together!

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